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New Boats

Grady Days 2017

Here at Vero Marine Center we offer new boats from Grady White and Robalo boats. We have been a Grady White Dealer since 1982 and are proud to offer these great boats. They are a perfect fit for our waters both inshore and offshore. From 18 to 37 feet, Grady-White offers 30 different models to suit your boating needs. These award-winning boats are built to the highest standards and are truly the boats that have set the standard for safety, quality, and versatility. From fishing to cruising, to family fun, there is a Grady White that’s perfect for you!  We also welcome Robalo to our family of boat lines. You’ll be able to find 16′ to 25′ Robalo’s in both center console and bay boat configurations. Great for fishing and full of family-friendly features that are sure to please the hardcore fisherman and the family oriented boater as well.   You can browse all of the different models from all the manufacturers we represent. Click each model to view info and specs.

Fisherman 180  Fisherman 180-148

Grady-White’s 2016 18-foot center console sportfishing boat, the Fisherman 180, now has completely new and improved seat cushions boasting thicker and more durable foam, and high-quality accent stitching. Enhanced hull graphic feature a newly designed style line. Seven hull color choices available. Best riding 18′ around!

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Fisherman 209 209_ret

Grady-White’s 2016 20-foot center consoleFisherman 209 sportfishing boat is the best in its class, boasting the great ride of Grady-White’s proven SeaV hull in an offshore capable 20-foot hull. Seating, amenities—including an enclosed head compartment—plus well-considered sportfishing features provide great value. Exciting for family time, too!

Click here for a walkthrough video for the Fisherman 209

Fisherman 230 230Fish1

The feature rich, wide beam trailerable 23-foot center console Fisherman 230 for 2016 is one of the best saltwater fishing boats in its size range. The 230 is roomy, comfortable, and complete with enclosed head area and the fabulous Grady-White SeaV ride—a solid, proven fishing boat. Deep cockpit, plenty of seating.

Click here for a walkthrough video for the Fisherman 230

Fisherman 257 257_10_r1_ret

We listened to avid saltwater sportfishing customers and coastal recreation-loving families alike and, as a result, Grady-White’s 25-foot Fisherman 257 center console sets a new standard for boat satisfaction. Topping the long list of must have features are plenty of offshore fishing amenities, a comfortable head area, plus Grady-White’s signature SeaV ride.

Click here for a video of the Fisherman 257 on the water.

Canyon 271 271-65_ret

Grady-White has been a center console boat builder since 1974, and the 2016 27-foot Canyon 271 showcases this experience that, combined with customer input, results in the ultimate refinement of this boat style. The boat is loaded with saltwater sportfishing detail, with a roomy head enclosure and stowage. You can’t beat the incomparable SeaV ride.

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Canyon 306 GWB_KEY-2885

Tough, roomy, rugged yet comfortable, theCanyon 306 30-foot center console sportfishing boat is a “beast,” a great saltwater offshore boat with a wide open cockpit, plenty of storage and the incomparable SeaV ride. With superb seating, a console head enclosure and other creature comforts, the 306 is a great family boat, too.

Click here for a walkthrough video on the Canyon 306


Canyon 336 GWB_KEY-1010

Ride and the solid offshore sportfishing capability of the beamy Canyon 336 make this 33-foot center console stand out in its class. The336 has innovative helm seating, a huge cockpit, and a big console with berth. Attention to detail makes the Canyon 336 a highly functional and desirable saltwater machine.

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Canyon 376 376_features-20

The 37-foot center console Canyon 376 is an awesome saltwater sportfishing boat, simply a masterpiece in the category. Exceptional detail shines in boat ergonomics, boat function, fit and finish, and in boat performance. The cabin console boasts a higher level of detailed comfort. Grady’s exclusive SeaV ride is incomparable.

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191 CE 191_CE_04

Grady‐White’s newest boat model, the 191 CE, continues the company’s great riding “skinny water” Coastal Explorer series, yet in a smaller 19-foot center console style. The 2016 191 CE is fully featured with great storage and seating. Here’s family-and-fishing-friendly new boat design at its Grady-White best.

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251 CE 251-DSC_4292

The 2016 25-foot 251 CE Coastal Explorer center console is Grady-White’s answer to larger shallow water boats. Although the 251 is created for inshore use primarily as a fish boat, it offers more offshore, rough water capability than any bay boat. Here’s the best answer to off-the-beaten-track family fun and versatility.

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Freedom 192 192_7380

The 2016 19-foot dual console boat Freedom 192 is a great performance boat in an affordable boat package. The 192 is an enviable sportfishing platform but is clearly designed as a family fun boat. Grady’s offshore fishing boat heritage of quality, safety, reliability, value and performance make this 19-foot dual console a superior choice.

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Freedom 205205-DSC_2823

The 2016 20-foot dual console Freedom 205 provides many of the amenities and look of larger boats, along with great riding, great performing family boat value. Very comfortable seating fore and aft, as well as an enclosed head compartment, means all day comfort aboard this Grady-White favorite. Perfect for open water and inshore.

Click here to view a walkthrough on the Freedom 205

Freedom 225 225-204-ret

This 2016 22-foot dual console proves there is no compromise in buying a new sportfishing boat for family boat use. The Freedom 225 does it all, in big waves or backwater. Complete with outboard bracket adding cockpit room, plus great seating and an easy-access enclosed head area, Grady’s 225 is a true boat value.

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Freedom 255 Freedom 255-2A-8x12

The 25-foot dual console Freedom 255 is a comfort-filled, bred for saltwater family cruiser. There’s great new seating and plenty of conveniently located storage for sportfishing gear, water toys, picnic and camping equipment–anything and everything the fishing family enjoys. A spacious enclosed head area adds to the all-day comfort.

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Freedom 275 ALB_0035

Here’s a 27-foot dual console that’s well suited for family boating and a range of coastal activities: Grady-White’s Freedom 275. For 2016, the all-new 275 has updated configurations and features, combining cruiser amenities with saltwater tough safety and performance to create a versatile sportfisher. The stability and responsiveness are amazing!

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Freedom 285 GWB_6638

Grady-White’s dual console boats are especially popular with coastal homeowners because they are truly the most versatile boats for sale anywhere. The wide beam, wide open 28-footFreedom 285 is a great performance cruiser as well as a feature-rich saltwater fishing boat. A pleasure to drive, solid in all sea conditions.

Click here for a walkthrough video for the Freedom 285

Freedom 307 307-DSC_3299

The 30-foot Freedom 307 is an “evolutionary step up” for dual console boats, creating a new category of big, saltwater tough coastal cruiser/family fishing boats. The 307 is a roomy, versatile, great performing inshore or offshore cruiser with amenities and comfort to spare. Seating is second to none in comfort.

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Freedom 335 G-W-Frdm-335-203-8x12

Cruise in ultimate comfort, fish in style: the 33-foot Freedom 335 is the next-generation dual console boat. It’s a superb saltwater offshore sportfishing boat, filled with creature comforts from deluxe bow seating to separate cabin and head console areas, to helm and cockpit deluxe seating. The result is an amazing balance of ruggedness, luxury, and thoughtful design.

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Freedom 375 ALB_9476

The Freedom 375 is the “ultimate transformer,” a 37-foot dual console that goes from one on-and-in-the-water activity to another seamlessly. With plenty of room for a crowd, and comfort to satisfy the most demanding customer, the Freedom 375 is a superb offshore fishing boat and a wonderful cruise boat, perfect for socializing–an amazingly engineered boat of extraordinary style.

Click here for a video review from on the Freedom 375

Express 330 330-DSC_2769

Named one of the 25 greatest offshore saltwater sportfishing boats of the decade, the 33-foot express cabin boat Express 330 recently was completely redesigned with an emphasis on seating, cabin amenities and interior lighting. Not only is the 330 a premiere sportfishing boat, it’s a great family boat and overnight cruiser.

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Express 370 370 Running-6_ret

The outboard-powered Express 370 express cabin boat offers more amenities, cabin room, function and reliability than many inboard boats that are 10-15% larger in length. With its phenomenal SeaV ride the Express 370 is perfectly suited for offshore saltwater sportfishing, yet the 370 is also a luxurious family-and-friends cruiser with custom yacht quality.

Click here to view a video of the Express 370 on the water

Adventure 208 208Fish2

Grady-White’s heritage and expertise in the design of 20-foot walkaround cabin boats began over 40 years ago with the company’s pioneering 204C Overnighter. The 2016Adventure 208 brings the full measure of walkaround style and a SeaV ride to today’s new boat market. Secure platform for fishing and all kinds of water fun.

Click here to view a video of the Adventure 208 on the water

Seafarer 228 228Run2

Since 1980 Grady-White has offered solid, safe, and seaworthy 22-foot walkaround cabin boats for sale, designed for saltwater offshore fishing function and inshore boat fun. Today theSeafarer 228 stands out among Grady’s signature walkaround style boats, proven as a top boat value. Watch the big smiles on your family’s faces!

Click here for a video of the Seafarer 228 on the water

Gulfstream 232 232-18-8x12

Decades of building the Gulfstream 232 have earned Grady-White respect among saltwater fishing families for this 23-foot walkaround cabin boat as a solid, safe, feature-rich sportfisher that more than holds its own versus much bigger boats. Wide, roomy and safe with a seaworthy SeaV ride.

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Journey 258 258Run3_ret

Safety, seaworthiness, comfort, storage, sure saltwater capability, a great ride with cruiser style, and a terrific fishing boat heritage are all deep-rooted characteristics of the 25-foot Journey 258. Customer input is behind Grady-White’s continuous improvement of this walkaround cabin coastal boat–the secret to customer satisfaction.

Click here to see a video of the Journey 258 on the water.

Marlin 300 300Fish_ret

In 1988, the Marlin 280 (today’s Marlin 300) was the first Grady with the exclusive SeaV hull, offering amazing performance and true offshore saltwater fishing boat capability. Since that time, through customer input and attention to detail, Grady-White has refined every feature of this signature, much loved 30-foot walkaround cabin boat.

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R160 R160-Run-04-16

The R160 redefines what you can expect in a 16-foot center console. Robalo’s Reel Deal Pricing makes the buying experience pure pleasure. Get onboard, your family weekends will never be the same. Under the gelcoat you’ll enjoy classic Robalo quality through and through. Same durable Kevlar construction as our bigger center consoles. Same high quality stainless steel hardware. Same top tier vinyl and rich foam padding. Same precise attention to detail. It might be the smallest center console in the Robalo line-up, but it’s big on quality, bigger on performance and supersized when it comes to family fun on the water. Best of all it’s a Robalo through and through, no short cuts here. None.

Click here for a video review from on the R160

R180 R180-Run-01-16

The Robalo name on this runaway best seller means unique styling, unmatched performance and a feature-rich cockpit layout that is better than rivals that are two or even three feet longer. Add a No Haggle Reel Deal price including an aluminum trailer and the comparisons end. Ride comfort defies the centerline length. Standard 115 hp Yamaha punch delivers efficient and responsive performance. Convertible casting platforms, extensive rod storage, a huge 15-gallon livewell and a high quality leaning post are unexpected extras at this price range. Even more unexpected, the R180 is the only boat we’ve seen in this size range that features an enclosed head. That’s right, an 18-footer with a private head. Go ahead, cast off on long distance adventures without concern.

Click here for a video review from on the R180

R200 R200-Run-01-16

One ride and you’ll agree that the sensational R200 can turn anyone’s wish list into reality. Powered by a F115 Yamaha and packaged with an aluminum trailer that includes brakes, the R200 is a steal of a deal that rivals can’t touch. Extensive rod storage, a multi-purpose interior, a powder coated leaning post (optional), stainless steel hardware and Robalo’s award winning style lines rank the R200 as a first-rate fishing boat. Well equipped, the R200 can also be customized with key options including a T-top, trim tabs, a porta-pottie and Command Link gauges.

Click here for a video review from on the R200

R222 R222-Run-01-14

The R222 is sold at a nationally advertised price. The keyword here is more. More centerline length. More storage space. More ride comfort. More seaworthiness. More fishing features. The only place where the new R222 proudly comes up short is its No Haggle, Reel Deal price tag. Key fishing features include twin 30-gallon fish boxes that can either keep your catch fresh or serve as storage areas. A 15-gallon livewell with LED lighting and a blue gelcoat finish is conveniently positioned under the standard leaning post.

Click here for a video review from on the R222

R242 R242-Run02-15

The sensational R242 is Robalo’s newest center console offering available at No Haggle, Reel Deal pricing. Brace yourself, fish boat design just took another giant leap forward. Upfront, the large casting platform is sure-footed and accessible. In the cockpit, a forward entry privacy head comes standard with a porta-pottie and a screened opening port light. Little extras like LED cockpit lighting, a bow filler cushion, and a freshwater cockpit shower are all standard. Serious anglers will appreciate the best-in-class livewell capacity and massive insulated fish box storage. At this length, nobody does it bigger or better. Fully equipped standard, take the R242 up a notch with key options including a fiberglass T-top that comes complete with four rod holders, LED spreader lights and an electronics box.

Click here for a video review by Saltwater Sportsman on the R242



206 Cayman R206-OFFSHORE

New, innovative and built to perform like no other bay boat you’ve ever seen, there’s never been a new model introduction quite like the incredible 206 Cayman. Robalo engineers have successfully mixed a shallow water draft with a feather soft 15-degree Extended V-Plane bottom design and an aggressive hullside flare so you can travel wherever the fish are biting. Big on features and even bigger on performance, we’ve made it easy to fall in love with the new 206 Cayman. No Haggle Reel Deal pricing includes a tandem axle trailer. Upfront, the forward casting platform with its center livewell that doubles as a fish box and lockable rod storage is state of the art. Aft, the convertible seating opens up all kinds of possibilities. Amidships, the helm console that’s more stylish and functional than you’ve ever seen in a 20-footer. Six rods store at the ready. One of three livewells is tucked under the front seat so bait is accessible no matter where you are onboard.

Click here for a video review from on the 206 Cayman


226 Cayman 226C-Run-03

Everything that’s special about Robalo’s new bay boat Cayman Series gets bigger and better with the introduction of the 226. Sporting a No Haggle Reel Deal price including a 150 hp Yamaha and a trailer, the 226 Cayman has a big boat feel and is perfectly suited for a wide variety of conditions. Go ahead and fish the flats or venture outside the harbor offshore. Sporting a 22’6″ centerline with a trailerable 8’6″ beam, the 226 Cayman gets it done with dry-riding freeboard and and an efficient 15 degree variable deadrise Hydro Lift bottom design. Engine options up to a 250-hp Yamaha are available. Tournament anglers and recreational fishermen alike will appreciate the 226’s distinct style lines, high quality fit and finish and extensive fishing features. Three 30-gallon live wells, lockable rod storage, wide walkable gunwales and dual casting decks all rate best-in-class. Additionally, the 226 is one of the few boats in this size range that features a fully-enclosed walk down compartment that serves as a privacy head with the addition of an optional porta-pottie. Rigged to meet the rigors of saltwater environments, the 226 showcases Kevlar reinforced construction, complete stainless steel hardware and a ceramic cored transom for added strength and durability.

Click here for a video review by on the 226 Cayman

246 Cayman 246C-Run-01-16

The wave of excitement that is Robalo’s new Cayman Series gets even bigger and better with our new 246 bay boat flagship. Designed to take inshore/offshore fishing capabilities to another level, the 246’s Extended V-Plane hull design can easily navigate both shallow water fishing holes and big water destinations. Simply stated, where ever they’re biting, the 246 can speed you there. The boat’s wide deck layout combined with excess hull flare, delivers more fishing space, stability and a dryer ride than rivals. The 246 simply won’t back down no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. Robalo leaves no detail uncovered. Innovative hideaway seating says welcome aboard then converts to the ultimate fishing machine with huge casting decks forward and aft. Lockable rod storage and live bait well capacity is best in class. Designed for comfortable extended outings, the 246 features a forward entry privacy head and wrap around bow seating. The best helm design in this size range features Yamaha digital gauges with plenty of room for advanced electronics. A complete array of stainless steel hardware is a cut above. The 246 is equally impressive under the gelcoat with Kevlar reinforcement, rot free construction and a poured composite transom.

Click here for a video review by on the 246 Cayman

R207 R207-Run-01-15 

Equal parts fishing machine and multi-purpose family sport boat, the R207 with F115 Yamaha power might be the best value in Robalo’s 2014 fleet. An aluminum tandem axle trailer is included in the No Haggle, Reel Deal price. In the cockpit, a lockable head compartment provides welcome privacy. Add an optional porta-pottie because overboard isn’t always an option. On the water, an 18-degree variable deadrise Hydro Lift bottom is stable while trolling, balanced under shifting weight loads and efficient going back-and-forth from your favorite fishing spot. A ski tow bar is a must have option for wakeboarding and pulling tubes.

Click here for a video review from on the R207


R227 R227-Run-01-16

The R227 includes secure rod storage, a raw water wash down, a self bailing cockpit and a 20-gallon livewell. Up front, the bow area easily converts from a casting platform to wraparound seating. In the cockpit, the R227 features a large enclosed head and a deep in floor ski locker with lockable rod storage. Stainless steel hardware including flush pull latches and electro-plated thru hull fittings are what you’d expect from Robalo. Key options include a must have Bimini Top with windscreen, ski tow bar, snap-in carpet and a freshwater shower.

Click here for a video highlighting the features of the R227

R247 R247-Run-01-16

If you want a family sport boat that can operate where stern drive rivals dare not tread and is also a serious fishing machine, Robalo’s versatile R247 is in a class by itself. Kevlar reinforcement and stainless steel hardware are a cut above. A have-it-your-way options list is accented with an innovative three position portside seat, a clever wet bar, vacuflush head, special electronics and an assortment of custom tops and towers. Search all the leading competitors and you won’t find a dual console in this size range with more storage. Everywhere you look there’s room for cargo…under all the seats, in the starboard console, in the floor and at the bow.

Click here for a review on the R247

200SD 2012 200 SD Run Shot for front page

Room for Family and Friends to Ride in Style

Wide open spaces, wide open fun – the 200 Sport Deck handles a wide range of on-the-water activities with total comfort, plentiful storage, and outstanding performance.


212SD 212SD_hero

Start Making Some Waves With the 212 Sport Deck

Relax in high-backed bow seating. Unleash the lively, quick-planing, transitional v-hull. Plentiful in-floor storage lets you easily stow away all your gear. No matter how you spend your time on the water, the 212 Sport Deck was built to make it fly.

2200SD 2200_p2_2012_V2_black

Take Your Boating Experience to the Next Level

With amenities normally found on larger boats, the 2200 Sport Deck is the perfect size for versatile family fun. Easy to trailer and packed with convenient amenities, it will soon become your home away from home.

2400SD 2400SD_hero

People Will Take Notice of This Sleek and Sexy Sport Deck

The SouthWind Sport Deck is the perfect fusion of runabout style and deck boat room. The sporty 2400 Sport Deck is designed with the whole family in mind. Get more out of your day on the water with the spacious storage, enclosed head and comfortable, roomy seating

2600SD 2600sd

Your Day on the Water Just Got a Lot More Exciting

The 2600 Sport Deck defines true outboard power performance. Fast to plane, predictable to handle, and efficient on the water, it is like no other boat you’ve ever driven.

201FS 201FS_hero

This is the Hybrid You Need if Your Focus if Fishing

With plenty of room to store your gear, fisherman and families both love the 201FS. Go fishing, have a picnic, explore a new beach or just enjoy the sun. The possibilities are endless.

201L 201L_hero

Plenty of Room for the Whole Crew on the 201L Hybrid

Think of the SouthWind 201L as the perfect family vacation. Where else can you take the family wakeboarding, fishing and relaxing all in an afternoon? In your SouthWind every weekend is the perfect getaway.

201LX 201LX_hero

Perfect for Whatever Your Day on the Water Looks Like

Leave your worries at the dock and enjoy the sheer peace of mind of cruising on your SouthWind 201LX. Sometimes doing nothing is the most productive thing you can do!

229FS 229FS_hero

Head Out to Your Favorite Fishing Spot in Style

On the SouthWind 229FS experiences may vary. So, whether you’re looking to take the grand kids out fishing or to gather up some friends for a party cruise, this is the perfect boat for whatever on-the-water adventure you’re in the mood for.

229FX 229FX_hero

Perfect for a Sunrise or Sunset Cruise

On the water in your SouthWind 229FX, you can let your imagination run wild and create your own boating adventure. Whether you’re on your own or carrying a full crew, you can make all your boating dreams come true.

229L 229L_rev_0228

This is Definitely Not Your Father’s Pontoon

Where will the day take you? With the quick-planing, smooth-riding, v-hull design, the SouthWind 229L is more about the journey than the destination. Built with all of the interior room of a pontoon, but with the hull design of a deck boat, nothing is off limits.

229LC 229LC_hero

It’s Like Having a Living Room on the Water

Comfort is the name of the game with the 229LC. Sit tall in our comfortable new captain’s chairs, stretch out on a lounge or socialize the aft table area.