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Brian’s Newsletter


June 2017 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer:

Finally summer is here. Although we really have had great boating weather right through winter and spring, I’m looking forward to the wind laying down a bit. This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend and as always it signals the “unofficial” beginning of summer pretty much wherever you live. Kids are done with school for the most part and family vacations are in the plans. Hopefully yours included time on the water! I know it’s easy to get spoiled by our Florida boating weather as we get to be on the water year round, but there is no question that summertime boating is tough to beat. It’s always great to be on the water but it’s even better to get in the water!

The pace around this place has quite frankly been as brisk as I can ever recall. Even with more hands on deck the days fly by. This is one hard working crew and some just plain good people. Usually by this point in the year the tempo around here begins to slow down a bit but not so yet. My hats off to everyone here at “the busy marina” for the continued hard work and for keeping all of our customers best interests top of mind.

As we had hoped the combination of Grady White and Robalo has really turned out to be a winner. Both companies are award winning and as solid as it gets. We couldn’t be more proud to represent these top of the line brands that continue to offer the best in features, quality, safety, model selection and most importantly, great value. As our Grady White inventory thins out don’t worry, we have many new models scheduled to be delivered to us soon! As always the folks at Grady White continue to refine and improve existing models while always developing something new. Last month I mentioned that there was a new boat coming in the Fall and now it’s official! The all new 325 Freedom will debut this Fall and from what I’ve seen it will be a hit! Hot on the heels of the new 235 Freedom, 236 Fisherman and 215 Freedom, this new “big boat” proves Grady Whites’ commitment to always improve and listen to their customers and dealers. Robalo too continues to prove itself to us and our customers. We have a wide variety of different models in stock from 25 feet down to 16 feet. From single engine models to twin engine center consoles there is high value to be found here! Amazingly, the start of this coming October marks the 34th year of being a Yamaha Outboard Dealer and service center. We are one of the oldest dealers in the United States and continue to offer the full line up. From 2.5hp to 350hp, from accessories to full service, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a small engine for summer fun in the river or a twin engine re-power for running to the Gulfstream, give us a shout…we’re ready. As always, I sincerely appreciate all of our customers and always look forward to welcoming aboard new ones! This month we would like to welcome Mr. & Mrs. John Metzger, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Frank, Mr. Michael Johannsen, Mr. Ronald Rees, Mr. & Mrs. David Pyles, Mr. & Mrs. Steven Sprague, Mr. Michael Burley, and the Indian River Land Trust. Thank you for your business and the trust you put in us to help you enjoy your time on the water.

One thing is certain in our service department …we’re busy year round. Yes, there are times that are busier than others, spring and fall are the peaks, but it’s pretty rare that we don’t have at least a two week back log. Unlike so many other places we do our best to run a tight schedule . When we make an appointment with you, that’s the day we plan to work on your boat or motor. Yes there might be a job where a part is on back order or mother nature throws us a curve ball but for the most part we get you in and out on time. Credit goes to Boo and his crew. Boo and I meet at the end of every day to review what got done and what needs to happen next. We have a saying around here, “plan your work then work your plan”! The service side of the boat business can be a bit of a roller-coaster ride in many ways but we do our best to keep things on the rails!

The big Grady Bunch trip of the year is almost upon us! July 7th we leave for our annual Bahamas cruise and the excitement is building. I look forward to this trip every year as the Abacos are kind of “home away from home” for my family. After over 35 years of traveling over there you would think it would be another case of “the same old thing” but it’s not…ever. There is always some new thing to check out and something else to check off our to-do list! Another reason this trip stays fresh is the people. There are those that join in every year as well as those that are making the trip for the first time and perhaps doing something they’ve always dreamed of doing. We’re making memories! The camaraderie and the friendships that are made are all part of the Grady Bunch experience and I can’t think of a better place to do it than in the Bahamas! This year we’ll spend time in our favorite “tried and true” places. West End on Grand Bahama, Man ‘O War Cay, White Sound on Elbow Cay , and Green Turtle Cay. After two weeks of sun and fun we plan to cross the Gulfstream back to Vero Beach on July 20th. With the number of first timers on this trip I know this is going to be a good one!

Remember, this is the time of year where we are beginning to have slips available for summer use and a few for year round. We have a great little protected harbor and all slips have access to water and electricity. We have “outboard draft” in our channel but good water in the slips, so if you or a friend is looking for a convenient spot for your boat let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. Keeping a boat here with us has other advantages as well…our Ship’s Store and Service Department are right at your dock (so to speak), it doesn’t get any more convenient than that except of course the fact that we have a half dozen good restaurants right here on Royal Palm Pointe! We have a lot to offer and we look forward to helping out in making your boating fun! Looking forward to July, we want you to be prepared for the Fourth of July weekend. This holiday weekend is possibly the biggest, busiest weekend on the water of the year. Need a new boat? We’ve got it! Need safety gear or new electronics? Our Ship’s Store can help! Need engine service or a bottom job? Our service crew can get the job done! The bottom line is that for almost 60 years we’ve been Vero Beach’s Boating Headquarters and we’re willing to work hard to help make boating easy for you. We like what we do! As always we thank you all for your business, your support and your friendship. We’re happy you’re part of the Vero Marine Center crew!

Happy Boating,

Brian Cunningham

P.S. Don’t forget Father’s Day on June 18th and the first official day of summer (and the longest day of the year) is June 21st, my kind of day!

You can’t have a good day with a bad attitude, and you can’t have a bad day with a good attitude.” ~ Author unknown