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Brian’s Newsletter


October 2017 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer:

Happy October to you all! Fall is officially here but honestly, as we put things back where they belong post-Irma it sure feels like summer! I’m happy to report that all here fared well through what could have been a disastrous storm. Between having a proven system and an outstanding crew we managed to secure more boats than ever before and had virtually no damage. Sure, there were missing roof shingles, trees down and a bit of local flooding, but we once again have maintained a high degree of luck. Of course we were in the middle of our Ship’s Store remodel when we shifted into “heavy weather” mode so the place looks like it got hit by a hurricane. We’re back at it and I’m hoping that the store remodel will be done soon. It was well overdue for a face-lift and we’re hoping that you won’t recognize the place!

We’re just about to the time of year that we begin pulling boats out of warehouses and commissioning them for the return of our friends from the North. We have started to receive your target dates for picking up your boats and we appreciate you returning your forms. If you have returned them, thank you, if you haven’t yet, please do. Also, those of you with homes on the waterfront, make sure you have someone check your docks and lifts to make sure that they’re sound. There was a fair amount of dock and lift damage from the high water after Irma. As lucky as we were, there have already been some surprises!

The Robalo Dealer Conference was supposed to be the same week that Irma blew through the Florida Keys and it was to be held on Key Largo. Needless to say that meeting never happened. Our thoughts go out to our friends in South Florida and the islands of the Caribbean. It’s been a tough season for so many.

Although this is supposed to be the slower time of the year there is much to do. Somehow it seems there is more than usual. Between transporting boats back from our warehouse and some regular scheduled maintenance the boys in the service department are in high gear. Also, our lot is as full as it’s been in a long time. Between boats that don’t have docks to be returned to post-Irma, new boat inventory (it’s arriving weekly) and boats coming out of the warehouse this place looks like a Shipyard! The full moon King Tide hasn’t helped the dock space either. Most docks in town are underwater at the high tides right now. On a good note, it’s almost impossible to run aground even at low tide! I guess the moral to this story is that we’re in high gear around here and as a result of the recent weather it’s important for you to make sure that your docks are in good shape and ready for your boat when you return. Plan your work and work your plan!

As we approach Boat Show Season, yes there is actually a season, Grady White, Robalo and Yamaha all have promotions that are designed to be inspirational for those of you who are contemplating a new boat. When people ask me “when is the best time to buy a new boat” my quick response is usually “right now” but there is no denying that “right now” has many advantages. Extended warranties and discounts add up to great value. So, if you’re thinking about a new boat get a hold of Artie Olson or Joe Ruppert over in the sales department for the details. By the end of November these incentives will be over. Even with some “interruptions” in business we still managed to help some smart folks who are planning ahead and as a result have ordered new boats for their return to Vero Beach. This month we welcome aboard Mr. & Mrs. Greg Rosslow, Mr. & Mrs. David Hawkins, Mr. & Mrs. Keith Tuten, and Mr. Todd Proffitt. Thank you all so much for your business. We’re happy to help you and your families have fun on the water!

There is no denying that these are busy times but the “can do” crew is up for the challenge. With just three months left on the 2017 calendar there is much to do and we’re motivated to do it. Time for a new boat? Let’s go! Need service work? We can handle it! Have a referral? We’re happy to help! It’s been a great year so far and we look forward to more of the same. We thank you all for being a part of the Vero Marine Center team…it’s because of you that we’ve been able to accomplish the many things that we have this year. We appreciate your business and your help spreading the good word. We will continue to work hard to remain Vero Beach’s Boating Headquarters. To those of you on the way back to Vero Beach for the season, we look forward to seeing you soon. Welcome back…these are the best of times!


Brian Cunningham

P.S. For those of you who don’t know already, October will be a big month for Artie Olson as on October 14th he and Monique Walker will be getting married. They are equally lucky to have found each other and we wish them both the best in all they do together! Congratulations!

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