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Brian’s Newsletter


April 2017 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer:

This beautiful Spring weather and the longer days are just what the doctor ordered. Being able to get out on the water after the work day is the perfect way to end the day! I know I’m not alone on that either as I see some of you enjoying a twilight dinner cruise as well. What a great stretch of river we have to go boating on.

March was another one of those months that flew by in a flash and I expect the same in April. This past month we had another informative and successful Marine Electronics seminar with Dow Thornton from Garmin and on April 1st (yes, I’m writing this later than usual) Artie Olson and Captain Bobby Fletcher put on our Annual Fishing Seminar. Another informative and entertaining event was well attended and good for a few laughs! After all, it was April Fools Day! We are currently preparing for the 34th Annual Vero Beach Spring Boat Show in Riverside Park this coming weekend April 8th & 9th. This show is a little different for us than the Fall Boat Show as we see more local, year round boaters preparing for the summer boating season which is right around the corner. Before you know it, kids will be out of school, families will be traveling to the islands (both the Florida Keys and the Bahamas), and the big summer boating weekends will be upon us! As a result of the mild winter and some outstanding record breaking boat show results over the winter, we are beginning to feel the effects in the form of longer lead times on both boats and motors from all the manufacturers we represent. The good news is that our current inventory is pretty good and we do still have orders that we placed in the fall yet to be delivered, so I’m pretty confident that if you’re looking for a new boat that you don’t see on our lot we should be able to get it to you in a timely fashion…I hope.

Artie and Joe continue to work hard to find the right model boat for you and your families to enjoy…form follows function!  We see it as our responsibility to help you end up with the right boat, as the worst boat you can buy is the wrong one. To that, this month we welcome aboard Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Delucie, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Palleschi, Mr. Thomas Smyth, Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Reilly, Dr. and Mrs. David Fogelberg, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Silvey, Mr. and Mrs. Charbel Mendoza, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Flaherty, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Jeffery, and Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Miliano. We thank you all for your business and look forward to helping you get the most out of your boat!

This is also the time of year when many of our friends and customers start thinking about their northbound migration. We are ready, although based on those who made reservations for their boat to be stored in one of our warehouses it looks like most people will be staying in Florida until May or June. Smart folks! If you have made preparations to store your boat with us and returned your reservation form, thanks. If you haven’t done so yet, please do. Waiting until the last minute doesn’t always guarantee a spot. Last year we were able to get everyone under cover…creatively! The boys in the shop stay busy year round these days and a big part of it is “summerizing” boats going to the warehouse so please let us know your plans so we can make ours. We will be adding a new technician this coming month and his timing couldn’t be better. More on that next month.

It always seems that this is the time of year that I hear the same question from our local media as well as customers and other local business owners and that question is, “How’s business”? In our ever changing times and at the “end of the season”, people are always curious as to how the year has been and what I think the summer will bring. Of course there is only one answer and it’s the truth. We live in a great part of the world and we are in a fun business. We are not as seasonal as we once were and we have stood the test of time. People of all ages go boating, from young families to the ‘old salt’. As a result we get to do business with some cool folks! Active, outdoorsy, fun, family oriented, and social are just some of the words used to describe our customers. Pretty accurate too! It makes my day to bump into a customer around town and have them tell me all about their boating adventures. Whether it’s a story about a recent trip, a great fishing story, or the fact that the whole family is enjoying being on the water together it’s always great to hear about the fun they’re having. I ran an ad once that had a headline that read “Invest in Happiness!” It’s still true today. So, how’s business? It’s good, it’s fun, it’s rewarding. What’s my forecast for the summer “off season”? It’s going to be good, and fun, and rewarding for all involved! Boaters will go boating and we will be here to help. We like what we do because we’re boaters too. The best two days of a boaters life? Saturday and Sunday of course!

Thanks to all of you, our friends and customers for your business your advice and your referrals. We wouldn’t be here without you. Now, let’s go boating!


Brian Cunningham

Others can stop you temporarily – you are the only one who can do it permanently.” ~ Zig Ziglar