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August 2017 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer:

Another page gone off the 2017 calendar. I feel like I was just writing the July newsletter a couple of weeks ago. I’m continually reminded of the old saying “The Clock Is Only Wound Once” and find it increasingly meaningful. When you spend your days around the waterfront there are constant reminders to enjoy life, to relax, and to be adventurous. Our “lifestyle business” attracts people that understand hard work is well balanced by life on the water. This year’s Grady Bunch Bahamas cruise drove that point home in first class fashion! What a great group of folks we had this year. A total of 12 boats and 40 something people (the number changed as guests flew in and out) enjoyed not only the beauty of the Bahamas but each others company. This year’s group was game to go and see new sights while at the same time truly relaxing and happy just to be boating and enjoying the boating lifestyle. Karen thinks we should have dubbed this year’s trip “The Laid Back Tour” as much fun as we all had! By the end of the trip, phone numbers and email addresses were shared and new friendships were made. Fun on the water at its finest! Thanks again to all who joined us on this great boating adventure. For the next few months we’ll go into “planning mode” as we put together next season’s Grady Bunch itinerary.

Every month I mention the wicked pace we’ve kept around here and I’m happy to report that we’ve got an extra set of hands on deck in the service department. We’re pleased to welcome aboard Myron Cross. Myron started with us back in July and we are happy to have him as part of the crew! His background as an instructor at Marine Mechanics Institute qualifies him on the technical side of things and his upbeat attitude and passion for boating make him a great addition to the “Can-Do-Crew”! All that said, we are still pushing a workload that is uncommon for this time of year. Between new and used boat sales, routine maintenance and re-powers, we are still moving along at a pretty good clip! To be clear, we like it that way!

Over in the sales department things are busy as well. Right now it’s a different kind of busy however. Our inventory for both new and used boats is as low as it has been in awhile. We have new orders on the way to us so don’t worry! That said, lead times on new orders are longer than usual. What that means is if you’re thinking about a new boat for the fall do not wait! No kidding..I ordered three more boats on July 31st and they are slated to be built in December! As I’ve said, we have what we think are the right models in the right quantities on order with both Grady White and Robalo but I would hate to see anyone miss an opportunity. We also have placed a very solid order with Yamaha and for those of you thinking about re-powering your current boat I recommend thoughtful planning as well. Right now Yamaha has their “Power the Summer Sales Event” in play which offers 2 additional years of warranty at no charge or up to $500 credit towards your re-power. This promotion ends on August 31st so don’t miss out on this opportunity either. In regards to promotions, Grady White just started their annual “Great Grady Days Promotion” and this year it’s a good one. Depending on the model you could save up to $10,000 off your new Grady White. Combine that with Yamaha’s extended warranty and you get to save a few dollars as well as get more engine warranty! As I said earlier, if you’re planning for a new boat between now and the end of the year I recommend contacting Artie or Joe and starting your due diligence right away. To all of those who’ve come on-board this past month, we thank you for your business. All of us here at “The Busy Marina” truly appreciate the trust you put in us to help you enjoy your time on the water. This month we welcome aboard Mr. & Mrs. John Genoni, Tim & Chris Bieber, Mr. Richard Luciano, Mr. Tony Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. George Joseph, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Loffredo, and Mr. Jonathan Starratt.

During the “tropical” time of the year we continue to monitor not only the National Weather Service but also my favorite “storm forecasters” the sea turtles. Most are continuing to lay their eggs close to the high water mark on the beach, which is a great sign. However, in the last week I have noticed a few nests further up the beach but I’m hoping this is just the work of over achievers! Perhaps these turtles were still feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Emily. Either way this is the time of year to be alert.

Our plan is to go boating through the rest of the summer with calm seas and clear skies. We’ll keep a watchful weather eye both on the sky and the sea turtles! As always we sincerely thank all of you, our loyal friends and customers, for your continued business and support. We look forward to being your boating headquarters for years to come. Have a great August wherever you are and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Happy Boating,

Brian Cunningham

P.S. Don’t forget the Solar Eclipse on August 21st!

I’m so optimistic, I’d go after Moby Dick in a rowboat and take the tartar sauce with me.” ~ Zig Ziglar