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Brian’s Newsletter


July 2017 Newsletter

Dear Valued Customer:

Happy Independence Day! Time is flying by way too quickly! Fourth of July weekend is perhaps the biggest holiday weekend of the year for boating and I expect this year to be busier than usual. Mother Nature has been cooperative, although we have had some of the usual summertime rain late in the day. The river has been busy over the last few weeks for all of the right reasons…great weather, warm water, and no better place to be than out in the boat! Our usual family tradition of watching the fireworks by boat is a go and like so many others, we’ll be anchored up outside of the channel just off of Memorial Island. I can’t think of a better way to cap off a day on the water than to anchor up, have dinner on the boat and watch the fireworks! Yes, we will be closed on July 4th so we can enjoy the day on the water too!

July 7th is the scheduled departure date for this year’s annual Grady Bunch Bahamas trip and what a great group we have this year. Twelve boats and over forty people will make their way across the Gulfstream and spend from the 7th to the 20th of July enjoying life on the water. Of the 12 boats, 4 of them have never been across by boat before…they are in for a treat! The Grady Bunch has been making this journey as a group for nearly 30 years and every year it is just as exciting as the first one. Sure, we’re a little more “seasoned” these days but the islands have become a bit of a home away from home for my family and we can’t wait to get back over. Those of you who have been before, I’m sure you feel the same. Remember that all it takes to be a member of the Vero Beach Grady Bunch is to purchase your new or used Grady White from Vero Marine Center…easy, right? I guess I should mention that the annual dues are pretty heavy…$50 a year! Join in the boating fun and travel with “The Bunch” and enjoy the friendships made, the camaraderie and of course the safety in numbers. We really do enjoy our time on the water and plan to keep making some great memories.

If you’ve been around here recently you many have noticed our inventory thinning out a bit. Both Artie and Joe are the ones behind it. We always have boats on order and I feel like I see new boats being offloaded under the hoist on a somewhat regular basis but as an old salt around here used to say “in and out like a fiddlah’s elbow” (yes, he was a New Englander). Both new and used boats are high in demand right now. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we have some of the best, most desirable names in the business right here with Grady White, Robalo and Yamaha! We are well aware that when new boat shopping there is a lot to consider but we also know that the worst boat you can buy is the wrong one! We work hard to help you select the right boat for you and your family’s boating fun. From 16′ to 37′, I’m pretty sure we have a boat that fits the bill. Also, don’t forget that we welcome good trade-ins, so if you’re thinking of moving up into somethings bigger or to a different style of boat than your current one, let us know and we’ll be happy to help. This month we would like to welcome aboard our new friends and customers Mr. & Mrs. Marc Seagrave, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Symon, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Kornfeld, Mr. Paul Befanis, Ms. Lisa Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cole, Mr. Kevin Kaplan, Mr. & Mrs. William Faitella, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hill, Mr. Darren Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Knight, Mr. & Mrs. Art Eberhart, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sellinger, Mr. & Mrs. David Syvertsen, and Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mulligan. All of here at “The Busy Marina” thank you for your business.

As business in our sales and service departments increases the same can be said for our ships store. Kevin, Lyndsay, and Dick are doing their usual stellar job keeping things moving. Between answering phones, monitoring inventory and in general being traffic cops, the three of them make a lot of things happen. When it comes to equipping your boat we can help. From safety gear to marine electronics, to small outboard engines to maintenance supplies, we want to be your one stop shop. Come visit us by land or by sea!

Many of you know that my favorite tropical weather forecasters are the sea turtles. The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting on my late night walks. Turtles have been nesting nearly every night that I’ve been out and a couple of times I got the treat of seeing the summertime bio-luminescence in the water as well as in the sand. Pretty spectacular sight! So far the sea turtles are nesting just above the high tide mark which is just what we want. The further up the beach they nest, the greater the chance of tropical weather. I’ll keep you posted but so far, so good!

Don’t forget that July is the month that we switch to our summer hours which are Monday-Friday from 8 to 5 for sales, service, parts, and the ships store and on Saturday from 8 to 1 for sales and the ships store. Sunday we are closed so we can spend some time on the water ourselves!

As always we are thankful to all of you, our loyal and valued friends and customers. We couldn’t continue the pace that we do without you. We appreciate your continued business, friendship and kind referrals. We always look forward to meeting someone new who is interested in having fun on the water! From our ship’s store to our sales department to our service crew, we work hard delivering the best value possible and making boating convenient and fun! We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you around the waterfront!

Happy Boating,

Brian Cunningham

May we think of freedom not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.” ~ Peter Marshall